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#3179335 Sep 16, 2010 at 12:55 AM
Name - with wow armory link Xa
Class - Druid
Spec - Moonkin / Resto Offspec

ICC 25 Heroic Experience - Everything Minus Sindragosa , Putricide , LK
ICC 10 Heroic Experience - Everything Minus Sindragona , Putricide , LK

LK 25 Man Normal Kill Date - 5 Percent Buff was out.
LK 10 Man Normal Kill Date - No buff was present.

Screen Shot of User Interface (with Keybinds shown): will upload soon

WMO or WOL Parse Link:

Favorite Encounter in ICC: Saurfang.

If you are a hybrid, what are you capable of in your offspec and what is the gear like? Resto is my offspec, 5900 gs.

Any other information can be extrapolated from the armory and will be discussed in vent.

Thank you,

Contact Shrutebuck in vent for in-game interview and to provide necessary information ie UI Screenshot and WOL/WMO Parses.

Nebula Guild Vent
Port 3784

Thank you.
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