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#2741283 Jun 13, 2010 at 07:14 PM
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Name - with wow armory link Exoticfritos
Class – Death Kinght
Spec – Frost dps

ICC 25 Heroic Experience - lootboat
ICC 10 Heroic Experience – 8/12

LK 25 Man Normal Kill Date - none
LK 10 Man Normal Kill Date – 5/26/10

Screen Shot of User Interface (with Keybinds shown): i use spartan ui

WMO or WOL Parse Link:
Don’t have one ill show you my rotate and dps on a dummy

Favorite Encounter in ICC: deathbringer

If you are a hybrid, what are you capable of in your offspec and what is the gear like? I have pvp gear but want to try to tank when I get gear .

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