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#2724773 Jun 10, 2010 at 02:03 AM
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Name - Fuzzehbawls (
Class - Warrior / Ghostrider
Spec - Fury / Protection / Ghostrider

ICC 25 Heroic Experience - 11/12 (10 down)
ICC 10 Heroic Experience - 11/12 (10 down)

LK 25 Man Normal Kill Date - Sadly, never.
LK 10 Man Normal Kill Date - Never :( <- Sadface

Screen Shot of User Interface (with Keybinds shown):

WMO or WOL Parse Link: Unfortunately I do not have a current log to link.

Favorite Encounter in ICC: To tank it is probably Putricide, as DPS I would say Sindragosa.

If you are a hybrid, what are you capable of in your offspec and what is the gear like? I can tank in my offspec, the gear is 62-64k HP buffed in ICC (5750 GS)

Misc: I am from Altar of Storms. I was in Kinetic along with Examine, Tablesex, Ihavehots, Blesshoo, and Kasul. Any one of them can vouch for me if necessary.
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#2726208 Jun 10, 2010 at 09:00 AM
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Assuming that was still the 15% buff I feel your dps output to be low especially on DBS where its a very melee friendly fight. Compared to you that same day (same 15% buff) our warrior did 13.1 and 12.4. I know gear is an issue but we are speaking almost double the damage over a longer fight with a shorter percentage of heroism due to the increased HP of Heroic.

The itemization on your current gear is also no optimal, considering what you have had available granted no one can control what pieces do and do not drop but with that being said there are some minor fixes:

You are currently over the hit and expertise cap.
You do not have a helm enchant.
You have a sub optimal enchant on your gloves.
The socket in your helm is red and should have an ARP gem in it instead of Nightmare Tear, the +10 stats would be better server to attempt to get a socket bonus elsewhere the bracers comes to mind, but don't quote me on that one, I do not play a warrior.
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#2727521 Jun 10, 2010 at 01:15 PM
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The helmet was a rush job, I got it as I transfered servers. The enchant was missing due to the fact that transfering required me to do the ebon hold unlock quest chain over again before being able to use the rep vendor. That has been rectified, as well as the socket situation fixed. My gloves just got replaced, only with T10 but it will do until I have enough badges for Gatecrashers. That log is a little dated, since that raid I have revamped my entire UI & keybinds. As such, I have managed to up my DPS a bit, and I have also now reached my 4 piece T10 bonus, which is also a DPS increase. At the time of the raid, I was only 3/5.

I need to pick up a little more hit from gear s I can drop the trinket in favor of something different, I have a Whispering Fanged Skull already for when I can do that without falling below the hit cap. Expertise is over cap, I know that. Main reason is the gear I am having to use at the moment, I have been lucky with some drops such as my necklace, but others I havent. When I am able to get pieces to swap in for a little more ArP or Crit and be able to drop some Exp (My non ICC ring for example, or my ranged weapon) I plan to do so. Aside from that, my offhand needs to change, badly. I have considered picking up the Battered Hilt AGI/ArP sword, even if just to force something I actually want to drop for wasting the money.

Anyway, that is what explanation I have for what you have mentioned. If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know.
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